Samsung Developer Conference
Client: Samsung
Brief: The Samsung Developer Conference brings together thousands of developers, business leaders, innovators and designers to network and learn about the next wave of Samsung tech. Coming off of a new dev program rebrand, Samsung’s task was to elevate the event from years prior—shifting more emphasis on engaging attendees with relevant and exciting content.
Role: Keynote Graphics Lead & Branding Support, Senior Graphic Designer
– Media creation & content management workflow
– Keynote opening video concept & design
– Onsite presentation support
– Brand development & support
Smart Tag badges using beacon technology allowed seamless networking, synced instantly to attendees' SDC mobile app. Tags were also used to passively track traffic throughout the event— providing data on session attendance, exhibit booth traffic, and more.
Exhibits, Code Lab and Experience Hall designed to highlight emerging tech categories such as mobile, IoT, cloud, wearables, healthcare and VR.
Concepted opening moment video to kick-off the live-streamed keynote session—unique, clever and tailored directly to the event’s target audience.
Groundbreaking keynote announcements consisted of One UI, Bixby Developer Marketplace and first-ever foldable touch screen phone. Day two keynote featured gaming and AI panel content.
Agency EA

– Kirk Bell
– Madeleine Bennett
– Jordan Lipshutz
– Andrew Jesernig

– Rudy Arroyo
– Pawel Puchniewicz
– Kendra Lemon

– Leigha Kristoff
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